We’re a collective of mixologists, creators, managers, marketers, and partners. Our skill sets are varied, but our shared values are simple: bringing delicious, sustainably sourced drinks and a sense of local hospitality to the guests we’re blessed to welcome into our concepts every day.



Josh Katz has worked in the restaurant industry since he got his first job busing tables at a greasy steakhouse at sixteen. An Arizona native, Josh attended Northern Arizona University where he developed a background in hospitality and a focus on Entrepreneurship. For years, Josh worked his way up in the competitive food and beverage industry as a corporately trained operations manager and later got into consulting, then took the plunge and took over ownership of one of the concepts he consulted for–Sip Coffee and Beer. During his almost tenure with Sip, Josh worked to transform the cafe into an ecosystem that thrived because it was rooted in passion, work ethic, and a genuine hospitality that continue to fuel his own career.


Chiara Katz is the leading brand marketing and communications strategist across all concepts. Tasked with growing TruColor’s profiles and expanding our portfolio, Chiara balances trendy and approachable ways to set the tone of our down-to-earth spaces. When she is not speaking with guests and connecting with staff, Chiara enjoys helping to put together community events that support a charity and local businesses. Prior to starting TruColor Concepts, Chiara worked in tactical marketing and later transitioned into strategic marketing for a national homebuilder. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Arizona State University.


Michigan native Maurice “Moe” Murillo was looking for a change of pace when he decided to uproot and head west to Arizona. Maurice has been in the hospitality scene for 15 yrs + focusing on management and employee development. Moe would later meet Josh Katz and get recruited to manage the Sip concepts. Fast forward, blessing arose, and Moe became a partner in the concepts. Moe oversees all operations, trend analysis, menu deployment, always inspiring and motivating team members to perform at their best.


Tida Radevski, the original brainchild and creator of Sip Coffee & Beer. Nevada born and bred, you can find Tida behind her camera lens whether it’s doing all of the creative behind each of our locations or photographing families throughout the valley. She is also in charge of each location's floral and fauna. Tida has a degree in Fine Arts and her bachelor’s in Hospitality and Hotel Management from Northern Arizona University. You will occasionally see her running through each location on a daily basis, a woman of many talents that doesn’t stop working, literally.


Each project we approach is one-of-a-kind and is created with an energy of pure creativity. We approach each project like it might be our last, which is why each project we birth into the world is handled with the utmost care and attention to every detail.

At TruColor Concepts, we create spaces with a soul and a story, building community through experiential food and beverage.